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About us

About us

INEBA (Instituto de Neurociencias Buenos Aires) is a specialized Center that provides assistance to individuals with Neurological and Psychiatric pathologies. These disorders have in common their chronic nature (with acute crisis management) and their “load”, which is both personal and social.

At the same time, current epidemiological studies show the remarkable growth in the frequency of these diseases in present-day society; therefore, a specialized approach, differentiated from the rest of clinical pathologies, becomes essential. 

This institutional model is aimed at providing human, technological and interdisciplinary top level resources of excellence to neurological and psychiatric problems by combining prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to achieve a better quality of life for the patients and their families.

This proposal includes both inpatient and outpatient care in specially designed environments consistent with this integrated concept of Neurosciences differentiating at the same time the levels of complexity of the different pathologies.

The Instituto de Neurociencias Buenos Aires (INEBA) starts by understanding human beings based on their complexity. Molecular biology has not reduced the study of human functions to complex vs. simple, and physical vs. chemical, but rather it resorted to more intricate concepts such as information, code, message, and hierarchy.

The subject is not predeterminated, otherwise he could not host new elements nor be able to change, neither is he totally arbitrary, in which case, he would not have access to historicity.

Neurosciences understand a complex subject from the following standpoint:

The human brain is the most complex psychic object of the living world. Therefore, defining it implies addressing its various conceptions, and their intersections, i.e., the networks individuals are immersed in which express the articulation of his institutional and social environments.

This is how, through historical evolution, the brain became more specialized and evolved. Subjectivity is then gradually structured on a hinge that moves between historical - cultural conditions and the particular history of each individual.

In addition to this concept, it is worth highlighting that, nowadays, Neuroscience refers to the combination of all those disciplines that study the normal and pathological Nervous System.

But this new approach transcends biology as  the only causality, since it considers that the Nervous System develops throughout the lifetime by the interaction of genetics, developmental processes and environmental factors.

Hence, Neuroscience becomes a scientific discipline aiming at understanding the links between cognition, reason, emotion, and anatomic-functional relationships of the brain from an interdisciplinary perspective. 

This interdisciplinary approach involves the fields of medicine, biology, psychology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics, setting the boundaries of this new theoretical field in which various disciplines and their methodological particularities and clinical applications converge.

The concept that clearly defines the interconnection between the brain and historical and cultural elements is that of neuroplasticity, i.e., the ability of the Nervous System to modify neuronal circuits by means of the neural activity as a result of experience. 

Although traditionally considered a rigid and unchanging box, the brain becomes a dynamic and hence a biological, social and historical organ, due to its neuroplastic properties.

What we do and how we do it

The Instituto de Neurociencias Buenos Aires (INEBA) offers psychiatric Inpatient Care as well as a Day Center. We think that any individual requiring inpatient care due to a mental disorder should be considered a guest and offered the right of hospitality.

The different types of personalized therapeutic care, as well as the building´s architecture and aesthetics have all been devised taking into account the patients and their families. Inpatient care is provided without bars and locks - elements that often scare both patients and their families.

Mental health is addressed with an inclusive approach, a principle that implies incorporating the healthy aspects of the patient and not associating mental disorders with danger and isolation.

We provide an adequate and comfortable environment which favors the therapeutic atmosphere thus respecting the patient’s dignity. The building has spacious rooms and green spaces fit for sports and other physical and recreational activities, a dorm lounge, a living room and a dining room in which patients enjoy their time with their family and loved ones.

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